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HARD CIDERS - The good stuff

Apple Outlaw Original is our flagship cider. This sparkling, golden, semi-sweet cider has strong floral and fruity aromatics with a long finish. Just one taste and you’ll understand why the Bandit is wanted in every state.

Rabid Dry is for the experienced outlaw; its intense flavor so infectious, you’ll be left craving more. Apple aromas persist in this slightly acidic, dry cider, creating a bold flavor with no residual sweetness. This cider is made for the no-nonsense, straight-shooting rogue.

Ginger Bite spices up this band of Outlaws! Made with a delicious blend of apples and Peruvian yellow ginger at our family-owned orchard in the Applegate, Ginger Bite is bursting with apple aromas and the spicy zing of ginger. The combo packs a punch sure to reward your rebellious palate, should you be so adventurous.

Crafted with a festive blend of apples, cranberry, rose hips, and orange peel, Cranberry Jewel is bursting with holiday spirit. Tart cranberries and bright apple aromas come together in perfect harmony for this delightful cider; a gem that’s guaranteed to leave your taste buds merry!

Hoppin' Holdup is the result of a craft cider-meets-craft beer rule breaking union that perfectly balances citrus, floral, and tropical notes from a unique blend of hops with bright apple aromas.

Expertly crafted with apples, tangerines, and hops, Tangerine Twist was made to revive tired taste buds. This hopped cider balances bold citrus flavors with floral aromas and crisp apple overtones.

What is Hard Cider?

Fermented apple juice, or "cider, hard cider" has been around for a very long time.  The United Kingdom has the largest market in the world for cider and is also the largest producer of the product.  In the UK cider is marketed as an alternative to beer.  

In the past decade the interest and demand for cider has grown here in the US.  The beverage is attractive to consumers who want a gluten free option and something with a lower alcohol percentage than wine.  

Hard Cider can be still or sparkling, dry or sweet, bright or cloudy, can be a variety of colors ranging from pale straw to amber gold, and can have a large range of alcohol content.   Cider can be flavored with other juices or ingredients like cherry,  cranberry,  ginger, and even hops.    
There are three main types of apples used in hard cider:  Dessert, Culinary and Cider apples.  Dessert apples are the sweet apples you would eat fresh.  Culinary apples are typically more sour are best when cooked.  Cider apples can be extremely tannic , often not edible and used just for cider.  Cider apples are classified into four different categories:  Sharp, Sweets, Bittersharps, and Bittersweets.  Quality ciders are developed from a mix of these different classifications and create a variety of interesting ciders.

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