Cidercraft- 7 Fall-Inspired Ciders to Toast to the Harvest 9/12/16

Baskets of apples and pumpkins on a wooden table.

7 Fall-Inspired Ciders to Toast to the Harvest

What’s better than drinking cider when it’s a mid-summer day, with the sun having warmed just about everything in its path, except (hopefully) for your cider? Hardly much, if anything. Unfortunately, the summer season approaches its imminent end. Fortunately, fall-themed ciders arise which make the transition not-so-bad after all.

Woodchuck Hard Cider Fall Harvest | Middlebury, Vermont | This is a spicy sip full of cinnamon and nutmeg flavors, aged in American white oak to prepare you for the cold months ahead. Snuggle up and let this cider warm you up from the inside out.


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