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Thompson Creek ciders are made from and inspired by the heirloom and cider varieties of apples we grow on our orchard. The cider makers of Apple Outlaw use various methods of maturation, aging, and blending to bring out the very best.


Aged on French Oak

This single varietal cider highlights our beloved Macintosh apple. This aromatic apple lends its floral aromas of apple blossom and rose petal to this cider. Aging on French oak unlocks a beautiful soft raspberry quality that is highlighted by crisp apple and tropical fruit overtones.

  • 7.3% alcohol by volume


Barrel Aged

Aged in rye whiskey barrels for 3-6 months, this cider blends a fruity crispness with the peppery boldness of rye. These flavors are balanced by the smooth notes of toffee, vanilla, and preserved fruit leaving an oaked warmth lingering on the palate.

  • 9.4% alcohol by volume


Dry Blend

Arkansas Black, Blenheim Red, Macintosh and Rome Beauty all lend their unique complexities to this beautifully dry cider. Hints of apricot, honeydew, tropical fruit, and green apple complement its crisp acidity.

  • 7.5% alcohol by volume


Barrel Aged

Aged for 9 months in Chardonnay barrels, this silky cider possesses beautiful aromas of green grapes and ripe apples. A slight tannic oak quality and tartness from robust acidity provide a dry white wine like cider.

  • 6.9% alcohol by volume


Aged in Oak Barrels

This rare cider is a product of nine months of aging on a massive amount of fresh, whole Rising Star peaches in oak barrels. Aromas invoke a mid-summer’s evening with prominent ripe peach notes and hints of other stone fruits. Light body and delicate balance yield a refreshing sipper. Subdued acidity allows for a fruity finish.

  • 6.9% alcohol by volume


Applegate, Oregon

This single vaietal cider brings out the true nature of a Wickson. These little apples are nothing short of amazing. With the fermentation halted prior to full attenuation, this beautifully rich cider is left with a slight residual sweetness. Candied cinnamon, pecan, clove and cardamom balance the notes of citrus and ripe pear.

  • 8.4% alcohol by volume
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