Ciderscene- What Odd Hard Cider Flavors Are There? 1/19/17

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What Odd Hard Cider Flavors Are There?

Traditions can mean everything. And one piece of tradition lies deep in the seed of an apple. Two steps forward from this seed and, voila, cider. With the correlation in taste between the apple and hard cider, one tends to of crisp apple flavor and either a sweetness or a dryness, depending on the blend.  But what about going beyond that walls of familiarity and exploring the weird flavor combinations that the world has to offer.  Several cideries across the US are exploring and experimenting with these different flavor combos, and we are fully intrigued.  We will be breaking down these ciders from the intriguing, to the strange, to the downright insane combinations that everyone is pouring up.  Now, there are some cider combinations that used to be unique, but with all of the players out there, some items just won’t make the list. Some of these flavors include hops, cranberry, and lemon. So, let’s delve a little deeper, deeper than 1000 leagues under the cider sea, and see what we can… see.

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